Production facilities

Our factory in Medias specializes in assembling the necessary equipment for extracting oil and gas. Thanks to the experience accumulated over the years and the various projects that we have worked on, we are able to provide an extensive product portfolio.

Customer satisfaction is a priority

All business relationships we have built over time were due primarily to the fact that we have always delivered quality products that meet our customers’ requirements. To provide the best solutions, we managed to adapt to these requirements.

In our factory, we use specific tools, additional finishes, different testing methods and other features that can be tailored depending on the project.

Extensive logistics network

 In order for all the equipment assembled in our factory to arrive on time, we have identified the best delivery solutions. Considering the technical complexity of the equipment, delivery time and different factors that may vary from customer to customer, we managed to build a logistics network through which to ensure prompt delivery of all equipment we supply.