Oil drilling installations are equipments that can perform multiple roles: drilling and repairing wells. Drilling installations are designed only to form the oil or gas well in the Earth’s crust and are larger, while those for repairs are used to change the casing, perforating the column walls, for various repairs, coiled tubing or for completing wells. The latter are smaller and are usually placed on a truck platform. With the right equipment, these facilities can drill shallow wells. In both cases, the installations are composed of different products and equipment.

Products and equipment provided by Isotech are successfully used in the oil and gas industry. All our products are sought after and appreciated for drilling, as well as for well services and maintenance.

Having extensive experience with numerous national and international partners, Isotech, equipment and products distinguish themselves by reliability, for numerous difficult applications in the early stages of exploring oil and gas reservoirs.

Our products include drilling equipment; product pipelines transport equipment and lifting equipment for oil and gas extractions.

We assemble all the equipment in our own production unit, using components from leading manufacturers in the industry.