Double pumping units

A high pressure pumping unit mounted on a skid, truck or a trailer. The unit is comprised of a high-pressure pumping system, all required controls, instrumentation, and a hydraulic system to drive fluid handling equipment.

Two (2) Diesel CAT, Detroit, or Cummins Engines, rated for 630 BHP, radiator with anti static fan blade, anti static belts, and fan guard, electric starter, alternator, air compressor, dry type air cleaner, spark arresting muffler, and electronic control system with safety shutdown for low pressure, high water temperature, and low coolant level.

Two (2) CAT or Allison automatic transmissions, wet housing, 1810 output flanges, programmed for power shifting, with reverse blocked out, electric shift, and higher gears will be blocked to prevent the pump from over speeding.

double pumping units